Nominations To Create An Explosion In The Bigg Boss House!

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After Priyanka Jagga’s untimely eviction from the house, the housemates breathe a sigh of relief as they wake up dancing to the tunes of ‘Kaanta Laga’. Not being able to  assimilate the fact that his Beti Priyanka is out of the house, Om Swami requests Bigg Boss to get her back as she was his only support.  Upon watching Swamiji cry, Priyanka who is sitting in the secret room also sheds few tears.


Bewildered by Mona’s changing behavior, Manveer tells Nitibha that he is not liking how Mona is taunting him all the time. To this, Nitibha says that Mona is someone who always yearns for a guy’s attention and she is expecting the same from him in Manu’s absence.


With Nitibha and Manveer’s relationship becoming a hot topic of discussion, Mona pulls Nitibha’s leg by addressing her as ‘Bhabhi’ and questions her about sharing a bed with Manveer the previous night.  While Nitibha looks visibly embarrasses, Manveer tells her that other housemates have also been questioning him about it. Meanwhile, in the secret room, Priyanka gets annoyed after watching Lopa, Rohan, Rahul and Manveer discuss that she was playing dirty games inside the house. But what adds fuel to the fire is Swami Om’s comments after he tells Bani that Priyanka was the one who put words in his mouth during the captaincy task and he ended up hurting her. Later in the day, Bigg Boss informs the contestants that due to his prolonged health issues, Jason won’t be a part of the show anymore.


Adding another twist to the nominations process, Bigg Boss calls Om Swami in the confession room and gives him a golden chance to win immunity. But in order to get it, he will be required to pay a certain amount which will eventually get deducted from the prize money. Without giving it a second thought, Swami agrees to all the conditions and grabs two weeks immunity. However, he is oblivious to the fact that the housemates are watching this entire process through JIO TV and are extremely upset with his decision. All hell breaks loose after Bigg Boss announces Swami Om safe from nominations as the housemates spare no mercy and lash out at him.


Kick-starting the nominations for the week with a new task, Bigg Boss asks each contestant to wear a belt with a balloon attached to it. During the task, five buzzers will ring and after every buzzer, one contestant is required  to nominate another contestant by bursting his/her balloon supported by a justified reason. Om Swami is made the sanchalak of the task. On the first buzzer, Manveer bursts Rahul’s balloon stating that Rahul also wanted to do the same to him. Shocked with Manveer’s behavior, Rahul cribs about him making an issue out of a small thing and is quick to burst Manveer’s balloon as soon as the second buzzer rings. One thing leads to another and the entire house gets into an argument.


Before the night comes to a close, Manu surprises  Priyanka  as he joins her in the secret room. Priyanka gives him a tight hug and begins to discuss Manveer’s filthy games that he has been playing in his absence.  With the game reaching a whole new level and competition getting tougher,  who will face the heat of nominations this week?

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