Guess Which Bollywood Actress Is Firing Her Managers After Her Movies Flopped!

Author : Author At BB

Bollywood has been buzzing with success this year. While some actresses are busy conquering the world, there’s one that has had a string of flops! The actress, who is known for her ‘bubbly’ personality, has had three back to back releases – none of which have gotten her any praise! While one was an action movie, the other one was a movie with her rumored boyfriend. Her recent release was a much awaited movie, especially considering that the lead pair created magic in their first movie. However, it failed to get an ‘Ok’ from the audience.

Now we hear that actress is looking to change her team of managers and PR team. Her Daddy dearest will be guiding her and teaching her the ropes of Bollywood!

Incase, you haven’t got the hint already, she has one more release this year, which is an adaptation of a book of a loved India author. From what we have heard, this movie might just change her luck!

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