In WTF News Of The Day – Om Swami Pees In The Kitchen On Bigg Boss 10

Author : Author At BB

Remember when Priyanka Jagga peed in the middle of a task in Bigg Boss 10? It seems peeing is the latest theme this season. Om Swami is going to be urinating in the open in tonight’s episode.

Apparently, during the luxury budget task called ‘Taxi and Passenger’, Manveer asks Om Swami to pay 100 Rs to use the bathroom. Om Swami loses his plot and decides to pee in a pot in the kitchen to teach everyone a lesson. We’re not sure what he was planning to accomplish with this but he’s managed to ‘piss’ everyone off!

From what we’ve heard, Manveer tries to throw him out of the kitchen (YUP. The Kitchen. Where people EAT FOOD) but is stopped by fellow contestants. Because you know, you can’t be violent in Bigg Boss but you can be disgusting!

This is what Salman Khan’s show has come down to. Contestants peeing to prove a point.


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