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Namish Taneja: I Would Have Been Severely Injured, But Thankfully, I Was Saved By The Grace Of God

Namish Taneja
Author : Sayli Borkar

Yes, it’s true. ‘Ikyawann‘ fame actor Namish Taneja was saved from a near fatal accident while shooting for the show. A huge kino light fell on the seat where he was about to sit.


Namish stated,


“Everything happened in a fraction of seconds. I would have been severely injured, but thankfully, I was saved by the grace of God.”


He further shared,


“The generous cast and crew of my show felt I did a fantastic job in the last episode. Because of which they bombarded me with the compliments when I reached the set. They thought the accident happened because I got afflicted by the evil eye due of the compliments. They took me to the temple in order to cast off the evil eye and even put a kaala teeka on my face.”


Well, we are glad that Namish is fit and in good health.

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