Chris Evans Is The Perfect Captain America

Author : Grinell Jacinto
Chris Evans

Chris Evans

Chris Evans aka Captain America celebrates his 38th birthday today. The actor who started his acting career with the 2000 television series Opposite Sex went on to play many roles. Chris has appeared in film like the Fantastic Four (2005), Not Another Teen Movie, Sunshine, Gifted and many more.

While we seriously felt sad when Chis as Steve Rogers, we cannot see anyone else replacing him. Fans didn’t just shed tears when Tony Stark aka Iron Man died but also when Steve Rogers gave up his shield.

Celebrating his birthday, we at BollywoodBee list down 5 reasons why no one can play Captain America better than Chris.

  1. The casting of Captain America was the most difficult part for the team of Marvel. When they had asked Chris about it, he was not ready to play the part before but then later agreed for it. He did a lot of research after he agreed to take on the role, reading dozens & dozens of Captain America stories, old & new. And we are lucky that he said yes or else we wouldn’t have got the perfect Captain America that he portrayed.


  1. Chris has the strength and magnificence that the character of Captain America demands but also the vulnerability. When the actor says his lines. you can see how.


  1. He has the skills of a perfect team leader. A lot of his theater experience also helped him play Cap.


  1. In all the 8 movies that Evans featured for the Marvel Studios, his acting has been serene and natural as ever. Be it in the post-credit scenes of Ant-Man or those small cameos in Homecoming.


  1. He kept on improving with every single dialogue/scene. A guy who played an immature guy in Fantastic Four, played a grown up and responsible person in Captain America. Well, we don’t need any other explanation about him.


We Love you Chris Evans and we will definitely miss you as Captain America. No one can play the character with complete justice like you. Happy Birthday.

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