Aamir Khan’s Reason Not To Attend Salman Khan’s Birthday Will Shock You!

Author : Bumblebee

Oh no! If the latest gossip is to be believed, then everything is not well between Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. Sources say that Salman’s friendship with Shah Rukh Khan has got the ace actor of Bollywood, Aamir Khan a bit insecure.

There was a time when Salman would go out his way to promote his buddy, Aamir Khan’s films but today the scenario seems completely different as he doesn’t even mention Dangal anywhere. Salman is planning to throw a grand birthday bash at his Panvel house for his birthday this year. Word is that Shah Rukh Khan is attending the party but Aamir is giving it a miss!

However, the speculated reason behind Aamir missing Salman’s birthday is because he has planned a trip with his wife, Kiran Rao from 26th December – 29th December to celebrate their 11th anniversary.

Source said, “It’s a special place for him and Kiran as they got married there. For his 11th anniversary he has planned something big. He has a booked a couple of hotels in Panchgani for his friends who will drive down for the celebration. Also, there will be some musicians who will perform at the bash. So Aamir will miss Salman’s party as he will be at his own party.”

It’s not like Aamir was a frequent attendee at Salman’s birthday parties. Even last year on bhai’s birthday, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir did not attend but sources suggest that this year Salman plans to host a starry bash. Could their changed rapport be the reason behind this or are Aamir’s anniversary plans genuine? Regardless if Aamir attends the party or not, we can’t wait for the other two big Khans to hit the dance floor together!

Watch this space for more updates on Aamir and Salman’s fallout!

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