11 actors who should quit acting in 2017!

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Bollywood, one of the largest film industries in the world, produces new actors seemingly every other week. Some have found a place in our hearts, some have made us want to run away from the theaters. While some have the talent of acting, some are just trying their luck… and failing. Repeatedly.

Here are 11 actors who should consider finding other jobs in 2017

1. Nargis Fakhri

The only great thing about Nargis is the nostalgia trip you take because her duck face reminds you so much of Uncle Scrooge from Duck Tales. Also, the job requires a certain amount of acting!

2. Tusshar Kapoor

Try and try until you succeed does not work every time Tusshar. His career ended before he could show us his ‘talent’. Despite being the son of Bollywood Superstar and brother of a daily soap queen, we have always observed some ‘Golmaal’ in his performance.

3. Vivek Oberoi

Boy oh boy! Raise your hands if you were sobbing in the corner when he compared his role from Krrish 3 to Heath Ledger from Dark Knight. Please…just…please okay? Ab ho gaya. Ab ghar jaao!

4. Esha Gupta

The only reason Esha Gupta is popular is because her stylist doesn’t do a bad job with her clothes. Her beauty might have overshadowed all her performances so far but the audience is not stupid. Her acting sure is!

5. Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu has given us ultimate Body Goals, but just thinking out loud, when will you act in real sense? A lavish wedding and lovely romance are a good way to stay in news but for an ‘actress’, shouldn’t acting matter more? Her next career option should be a trainer, rather than an actress.

6. Aftab Shivdasani

Who made this guy an actor? WHO decided – Oh let’s make a movie with this hyper-active, overly emotive, non-dialogue delivery man? Aftab, do yourself AND us a favor – Stop with the sex comedies and movies altogether. Tumhari bhi bahot masti ho gayi. Ab chalo.

7. Pulkit Samrat

He started working as a model before switching to television and entering Bollywood. Pulkit, your hulk-body might work well on the ramp but trying to be the next Salman Khan is not really a good idea. We can’t point a finger at what’s exactly not working but his screen presence doesn’t scream ‘Hero’ at all.

8. Sharman Joshi

This might be the most disappointing of them all. At one time, Sharman Joshi was a promising actor. Someone who managed to tug at your heart-strings with his performance. But this third idiot has tried his best and THEN come up with Hate Story 3 and 1920 London. Sharman, after your next flop, people will surely know… Wajah Tum Ho!

9. Zarine Khan

Her only claim to fame was her slight similarity to Katrina Kaif. Not sure whose footsteps she is trying to follow in but all the ‘bold’ scenes will only take her so far. Instead of acting and blaming Katrina for your flat career, you should have just stuck to dancing on the beats of famous Bollywood actors.

10. Himesh Reshammiya

Remember when Himesh tried to act and then failed? And then tried again and failed? And so on and so forth? Himesh, stick to what you are good at. Don’t try to put your finger in every ghee yaar.

11. Patralekha


The actress made her debut in Hansal Mehta’s ‘City Lights’ and apart from that, she’s only famous for being Raj Kumar Rao’s girlfriend. She also acted in a Mahesh Bhatt film called as ‘Love Games’, FYI we have never heard the name of this movie before! We hope you find something you’re good at because acting’s not it!

Your retirement phase is near guys! Sip a cuppa, read your favourite book & spare us poor souls; it’s high time!

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